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Flockop Intelligence

Uniting to Defeat the Elite

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

The time is now! Aren’t you exhausted by the constant feed of elite temper tantrums? It seems constant through the Government, the Media, Local Boiler plate, and even the entertainment industry. Whether it be elite in-fighting about one doing the other wrong, or chastising the masses(us) about how we should behave and adhere to their power, it seems to be a never ending diatribe of B.S. And yet, it seems to be their cover for bad behavior. Get the press to report this and everybody watches. However, behind the scenes, they are constantly using or taking advantage of or enslaving the regular folk. And, as long as we accept their premise, they will continue to do it in perpetuity. We said NO MORE!

Flockop was created to tell the stories that you talk about around the dinner table or with friends. They are about how the powerful disrespect and harm everyday citizens and know they can get away with it because their is nobody to tell their stories. UNTIL NOW.

This is the investigative arm of the little guy. This is Journalism for us, united below the elite, who can change the talking points. This is the people’s Intelligence Network. Stay tuned for great stories from regular everyday people, telling their narratives of how the so called elite tried to take them out or take them down. Our Podcasts will be the main vehicle for information. Look for it at your preferred podcasts soon.

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