Old People Keep Regulating

The average age of our Politicians is nearly 60 years old. Sadly, many are rounding the corner of 80 Years old. Certainly, we can agree that there is a call for wisdom. However today that is hidden by ideology and ego. It makes you wonder what they could the possibly be thinking. Politicians, and those that influence them, are old as dirt and will never see the fruits of their nutty desires. Decrepit old has beens, like the ones running our country, will basically age out. Do they care about legacy? Maybe, but dead is dead. You would have to think that all of our next journey after death may or may not have an effect on our current decisions.

Nancy Pelosi is 81 years old. She likely has to eat ice cream, per her personal stockpile of it, because she cannot actually chew her food anymore. And her legacy? Most likely her legacy is that she never had to work a day in her life. Her Father was a Politician and her connections have made her wealthy.

Chuck Grassley is 87. 87? and he is planning on running for another term. He legitimately went to daycare with Jesus. And, because of knowing how the game is played because he makes the rules, he has become well to do because of taking advantage of every farm subsidy underneath the sun.

George Soros is 90 years old. Aside from being known as a ruthless businessman, he is also known for having a face that looks like a wrinkled ass. Furthermore, serious questions about his business ethics continually cloud his so called legacy.

So what do they get out of this? Hard to say, but many philosophers would imply that the ego is so powerful that it just cannot quit. Potentially, they over compensate their ability to wield power because they cannot stand the fact that they constantly smell like boiled cabbage(John Podesta said that is what Hillary smells like). Whatever the case we will all grow old and die. And the legacy we leave behind? Well, who was the Speaker of the House in 1822? Don’t know? Most won’t. Some legacy. Eh, who cares.

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