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John Cena dons Summer Dress(made in Taiwan)

John Cena is now completely pathetic. What a joke. You have to love the visual of him in full curtsy, wearing the latest summer dresses, obviously made in Taiwan. John Cena, Vin Diesel, and the entire F9 team should be embarrassed by Cena’s apology to China. Especially, since Taiwan is a sovereign nation. These are supposed to be tough guys making tough movies. But nope. Just a bunch of money grubbing babies, looking to cash a big check. Chuck Norris never bowed to China, and he never would. Probably because he loves his country more than he loves that mad China money.

John Cena is a joke. I have enjoyed all of the Fast and Furious movies. I even continued watching after seeing Vin Diesel smoking a cigarette on a balcony all flabby and soft. But I’m done with them. Go to China. You bore the hell out of me now. You bow a knee to China(probably would get on both knees and do what they do), then you’re a joke.

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