The Inevitable is Canceled by Woke Mob

We recently wrote an article about senile and aged Politicians regulating, yet seemingly being out of touch with reality. We also talked about how their intentions may be their legacy. In the article, it was mentioned that, like all on earth, there is an inevitableness to our stint. Yet, because of this. we were suspended on Twitter.

Let’s make one thing completely obvious. There were no threats or wishful thinking, and we abhor such thinking and sentiment. Nor would we ever stoop to this level. But are you serious? Are you telling me that the woke mob has canceled the fact that life is temporary? Is it really that easy to change fate by feigning outrage regarding said fate?

The silliness of this world completely confounds me. If we are to allow, even the mention of the facts of life and thereafter, then there is no saving us. I am embarrassed by these petulant children looking for ways to outraged. They are pathetic wastes of space who has squandered the value of this, now, never ending life journey.

The fact is we will all age out. It is inevitable. It is by the grace of God that some of us live long and charmed lives. It is not because a woke mob will allow it.

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