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US Congress Needs More Morons

A short not to remind people that our Congress Approval numbers are the lowest ever. So why do we give them so much credit and power? It’s PRAVDA man. Willing accomplices in the media are selling us BS. And they prop these people up as though they are the best and brightest of our country.Continue reading “US Congress Needs More Morons”

John Cena dons Summer Dress(made in Taiwan)

John Cena is now completely pathetic. What a joke. You have to love the visual of him in full curtsy, wearing the latest summer dresses, obviously made in Taiwan. John Cena, Vin Diesel, and the entire F9 team should be embarrassed by Cena’s apology to China. Especially, since Taiwan is a sovereign nation. These areContinue reading “John Cena dons Summer Dress(made in Taiwan)”

The Inevitable is Canceled by Woke Mob

We recently wrote an article about senile and aged Politicians regulating, yet seemingly being out of touch with reality. We also talked about how their intentions may be their legacy. In the article, it was mentioned that, like all on earth, there is an inevitableness to our stint. Yet, because of this. we were suspendedContinue reading “The Inevitable is Canceled by Woke Mob”

Old People Keep Regulating

The average age of our Politicians is nearly 60 years old. Sadly, many are rounding the corner of 80 Years old. Certainly, we can agree that there is a call for wisdom. However today that is hidden by ideology and ego. It makes you wonder what they could the possibly be thinking. Politicians, and thoseContinue reading “Old People Keep Regulating”

Vlad The Vampire and his relationship with the Biden Family On a special Halloween episode, Vlad the Vampire, a current resident of Ukraine, discusses his relationship with the Biden family, from years ago with the start of neck sniffing, to more recent history with Burisma.  Bonus content includes Beltway insights on Vampires, Ghouls, and Witches(the answer is yes she is).  A cavalcade of information,Continue reading “Vlad The Vampire and his relationship with the Biden Family”

Trump Voter Vs. Never-Trumper – An Unpresidential Debate Never-Trumper Sid is back to debate another Flocker, Red, regarding the importance of getting Donald Trump re-elected.  And I will be as impartial as Chris Wallace and Savannah Guthrie combined, effectively ganging up on Sid to get him to switch his vote to Trump.  From Gun Control, to Court Packing, to Former Pimps headingContinue reading “Trump Voter Vs. Never-Trumper – An Unpresidential Debate”