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Flockop Intelligence

Uniting to Defeat the Elite

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

The time is now! Aren’t you exhausted by the constant feed of elite temper tantrums? It seems constant through the Government, the Media, Local Boiler plate, and even the entertainment industry. Whether it be elite in-fighting about one doing the other wrong, or chastising the masses(us) about how we should behave and adhere to their power, it seems to be a never ending diatribe of B.S. And yet, it seems to be their cover for bad behavior. Get the press to report this and everybody watches. However, behind the scenes, they are constantly using or taking advantage of or enslaving the regular folk. And, as long as we accept their premise, they will continue to do it in perpetuity. We said NO MORE!

Flockop was created to tell the stories that you talk about around the dinner table or with friends. They are about how the powerful disrespect and harm everyday citizens and know they can get away with it because their is nobody to tell their stories. UNTIL NOW.

This is the investigative arm of the little guy. This is Journalism for us, united below the elite, who can change the talking points. This is the people’s Intelligence Network. Stay tuned for great stories from regular everyday people, telling their narratives of how the so called elite tried to take them out or take them down. Our Podcasts will be the main vehicle for information. Look for it at your preferred podcasts soon.

US Congress Needs More Morons

A short not to remind people that our Congress Approval numbers are the lowest ever. So why do we give them so much credit and power? It’s PRAVDA man. Willing accomplices in the media are selling us BS. And they prop these people up as though they are the best and brightest of our country. Hell to the no! These people are likely coddled through their entire lives. They lack the capacity to critically think. They are bums and grifters hell bent on filling their pockets with the Benjamins. Don’t fall for it anymore. They care about themselves and that’s it.

John Cena dons Summer Dress(made in Taiwan)

John Cena is now completely pathetic. What a joke. You have to love the visual of him in full curtsy, wearing the latest summer dresses, obviously made in Taiwan. John Cena, Vin Diesel, and the entire F9 team should be embarrassed by Cena’s apology to China. Especially, since Taiwan is a sovereign nation. These are supposed to be tough guys making tough movies. But nope. Just a bunch of money grubbing babies, looking to cash a big check. Chuck Norris never bowed to China, and he never would. Probably because he loves his country more than he loves that mad China money.

John Cena is a joke. I have enjoyed all of the Fast and Furious movies. I even continued watching after seeing Vin Diesel smoking a cigarette on a balcony all flabby and soft. But I’m done with them. Go to China. You bore the hell out of me now. You bow a knee to China(probably would get on both knees and do what they do), then you’re a joke.

The Inevitable is Canceled by Woke Mob

We recently wrote an article about senile and aged Politicians regulating, yet seemingly being out of touch with reality. We also talked about how their intentions may be their legacy. In the article, it was mentioned that, like all on earth, there is an inevitableness to our stint. Yet, because of this. we were suspended on Twitter.

Let’s make one thing completely obvious. There were no threats or wishful thinking, and we abhor such thinking and sentiment. Nor would we ever stoop to this level. But are you serious? Are you telling me that the woke mob has canceled the fact that life is temporary? Is it really that easy to change fate by feigning outrage regarding said fate?

The silliness of this world completely confounds me. If we are to allow, even the mention of the facts of life and thereafter, then there is no saving us. I am embarrassed by these petulant children looking for ways to outraged. They are pathetic wastes of space who has squandered the value of this, now, never ending life journey.

The fact is we will all age out. It is inevitable. It is by the grace of God that some of us live long and charmed lives. It is not because a woke mob will allow it.

Old People Keep Regulating

The average age of our Politicians is nearly 60 years old. Sadly, many are rounding the corner of 80 Years old. Certainly, we can agree that there is a call for wisdom. However today that is hidden by ideology and ego. It makes you wonder what they could the possibly be thinking. Politicians, and those that influence them, are old as dirt and will never see the fruits of their nutty desires. Decrepit old has beens, like the ones running our country, will basically age out. Do they care about legacy? Maybe, but dead is dead. You would have to think that all of our next journey after death may or may not have an effect on our current decisions.

Nancy Pelosi is 81 years old. She likely has to eat ice cream, per her personal stockpile of it, because she cannot actually chew her food anymore. And her legacy? Most likely her legacy is that she never had to work a day in her life. Her Father was a Politician and her connections have made her wealthy.

Chuck Grassley is 87. 87? and he is planning on running for another term. He legitimately went to daycare with Jesus. And, because of knowing how the game is played because he makes the rules, he has become well to do because of taking advantage of every farm subsidy underneath the sun.

George Soros is 90 years old. Aside from being known as a ruthless businessman, he is also known for having a face that looks like a wrinkled ass. Furthermore, serious questions about his business ethics continually cloud his so called legacy.

So what do they get out of this? Hard to say, but many philosophers would imply that the ego is so powerful that it just cannot quit. Potentially, they over compensate their ability to wield power because they cannot stand the fact that they constantly smell like boiled cabbage(John Podesta said that is what Hillary smells like). Whatever the case we will all grow old and die. And the legacy we leave behind? Well, who was the Speaker of the House in 1822? Don’t know? Most won’t. Some legacy. Eh, who cares.

Vlad The Vampire and his relationship with the Biden Family

On a special Halloween episode, Vlad the Vampire, a current resident of Ukraine, discusses his relationship with the Biden family, from years ago with the start of neck sniffing, to more recent history with Burisma.  Bonus content includes Beltway insights on Vampires, Ghouls, and Witches(the answer is yes she is).  A cavalcade of information, right up to Goose meeting an untimely end.  

Trump Voter Vs. Never-Trumper – An Unpresidential Debate

Never-Trumper Sid is back to debate another Flocker, Red, regarding the importance of getting Donald Trump re-elected.  And I will be as impartial as Chris Wallace and Savannah Guthrie combined, effectively ganging up on Sid to get him to switch his vote to Trump.  From Gun Control, to Court Packing, to Former Pimps heading up Security Forces from town to town, you don’t want to miss a second.  And may God have mercy on our souls.