Fitz joins the Flock to talk about race relations, BLM, Antifa, And Proud Boys.  Fitz is a black man in Des Moines, and tells of real life experiences with racism and prejudice in Iowa.  The conversation is an uncomfortable one to have, but necessary.  Furthermore, Fitz and I both agree, the media and Politicians are complicit in dividing us.  

The Left Wing Mob’s Smear of Flockop with JD Rucker


They will try to get you too.  Nobody is safe from the Mob and Social Justice Warriors.  Lies, Half Truths, Smears?  Yes, they will use anything to get their propaganda out.  Don’t dare be in favor of President Trump, or question the values of BLM, or wonder about the existence of Anti-Trumpers.  That makes you a conspiracy theorist and a wacko.  But they won’t do it to your face. Keyboard cowboys and telephone tough guys, as JD Rucker and Goose expose the fraudulent left.  

School Closings A Political Ploy; Local Politician Over-reach


Left leaning Liberal Politicians and School Boards are making a play to affect the election, by holding children’s lives and futures hostage.  As Educator Unions are in the tank for the Left, it seems they have decided to unite to assure Trump is not re-elected.  And then they will change the fabric of our nation.  What we know now will no longer exist.

Listener Refuses to Vote For Trump, Knowing Marxism and Socialism is the Consequence


The flock welcomes in Sid, a listener that is A Libertarian, very conservative, and knows that all hell will break lose if Biden wins, but refuses to vote for the President.  Can we convince him to vote for Trump?  Listen in.  

Marjorie Greene, Congressional Candidate from Georgia, talks Big Tech Censorship and taking on the Squad


Marjorie Greene is a breath of fresh air in the world of politics today.  She talks tough and she backs it up with action.  A strong advocate of the 2nd Amendment, an avid Trump Supporter, a hater of Tech Tyranny, and the greatest force imaginable against Nancy Pelosi and the squad.  It’s not just words.  She is going to fight the good fight for Georgia and Freedom Fighters across the nation.  

Sports Wokeness on NFL opening Sunday: Are Athletes Against US


It was a spectacle of wokeness today, and throughout all of sports, on the opening Sunday of the NFL season.  Athletes tend to look down upon us and hold disdain for Patriotic American Sports Fans.  And, with Elite Academic Elites, look forward to more of it going forward.  Will it ever end, like the day after the election?  Don’t count on it.  Plus, Lebron James gets challenged to a debate outside of his bubble.  Will he accept?  If he’s smart(he isn’t), he wouldn’t.  

Joy Villa on Arguing with the Left, Common Ground, and the Potential for Uniting


Joy Villa does it all.  Independent recording artist, Political Commentator, and now Author.  We discuss dealing with the left and how rationale and reason never figure into their conversation.  Now more than ever, is a time for Emotional Intelligence.  But Joy believes in being bold and being forthright.  Only then do we have a chance to win.  

They Have Power and Money and Influence. But even Elites Poop and Nobody should be Above the Law


Everybody poops man.  The Elites do it too.  They are not better than you and they are definitely not smarter than you.  Don’t give your power away, and turn to them when in need.  Politicians and Entertainers have no interest in you and no desire to help you.  What they truly want is to make a quick buck.  My Daddy said to never measure a man’s wealth by money.  Politics have become too prevalent in our everyday society, with singers and Athletic Conferences getting in on the show.  Follow the money folks, and don’t give respect to those that disrespect you.  Politicians have a 14% approval rating.  Why would you respect them at all.  We can unite, and should, before it’s too late.

 P.S.– If you let your kids buy the new Cardi B song, take a long look in the mirror

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