Vernon Jones joins Flockop from the RNC Convention via Trump Hotel. True Leader. True Patriot

Vernon Jones joins the Flock to discuss his RNC Speech, and the changing tides in the attitudes of voters.  The Silent Majority may be growing and Vernon Jones says it’s because of the Democrats’ hatred of President Donald Trump.  Instead of doom and gloom, The Republicans celebrate the victories and have a plan to Make America Great Again, again.  Representative Jones gives us a tour of Trump Hotel, and the Rat Pack continues to grow.  

Seattle area native and Flocker TS talks systematic destruction

TS joins us to explain what it was like to grow up in Seattle, and why he may never want to go back.  With his families deep roots in law enforcement, he sees the outrage from a different perspective.  Join us for a native perspective, as well as stupid celebrity elites.

Big10 Commissioner Kevin Warren Should Be Fired

The Commish of the Big Ten is acting more like a Liberal Mayor of Seattle than the CEO of one of the Power Five Conferences.  Definitely carrying the water for the Democratic Party, the endgame seems to be more economic turmoil and complete outrage from Middle America.  Why?  So they can pin the failures on Trump.  Erwin comes back again to dissect the pomposity and hypocrisy of the left once again.  And will Student and Parental outrage fall on deaf ears?  Will the other conferences fall in line?  We look at every angle.  Join Flockop for the answers.

Eric Matheny from Bob & Eric Save America

Eric Matheny, from Bob & Eric Save America Podcast,  joins us to discuss a plethora of subjects, including if Chief Justice John Roberts is on the take, what the world looks like if Joe Biden actually wins, and the value of those on the right sticking together and riding for the brand.  We posit why this election is the most important of our lifetimes, and the need of the Silent Majority to finally rise up.  Join us for the most thought provoking episode of the year.

Mini AOC joins the Flock

Mini AOC is a sensation, and joins the Flock to talk about being Joe Biden’s running mate, the Green New Deal, and Cow Farts.  If she was ever really President she says she would do what she says and do good things.  What a novel idea!  Check out Mini AOC chatting about the start of her real political career, and how being Vice President is not enough, so she needs to be President.  Also, T and Goose tell you why Brian Stelter and Fredo Cuomo are bums.


Sex Trafficking is the problem no politician wants to fix, mostly because they make too much money off of drug cartels to give a damn about the lives of the trafficked, many of those children.  Tex joins us as a victim and a fierce fighter of these heinous crimes.  With over 800,000 children going missing each year, an estimated 50,000 people trafficked into the U.S.,  and a majority of those being children, you could certainly say it’s an epidemic.  It’s also a $150 Billion a Year business, so don’t expect our politicians to help out.  Follow the money.  Then there is Hollywood and Pedogate, and the travesty of sinister abuse of children for entertainment and the fountain of youth.  Time is now to address that our leaders and those we idolize are straight up evil.  

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