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US Congress Needs More Morons

A short not to remind people that our Congress Approval numbers are the lowest ever. So why do we give them so much credit and power? It’s PRAVDA man. Willing accomplices in the media are selling us BS. And they prop these people up as though they are the best and brightest of our country.Continue reading “US Congress Needs More Morons”

John Cena dons Summer Dress(made in Taiwan)

John Cena is now completely pathetic. What a joke. You have to love the visual of him in full curtsy, wearing the latest summer dresses, obviously made in Taiwan. John Cena, Vin Diesel, and the entire F9 team should be embarrassed by Cena’s apology to China. Especially, since Taiwan is a sovereign nation. These areContinue reading “John Cena dons Summer Dress(made in Taiwan)”

The Inevitable is Canceled by Woke Mob

We recently wrote an article about senile and aged Politicians regulating, yet seemingly being out of touch with reality. We also talked about how their intentions may be their legacy. In the article, it was mentioned that, like all on earth, there is an inevitableness to our stint. Yet, because of this. we were suspendedContinue reading “The Inevitable is Canceled by Woke Mob”

Old People Keep Regulating

The average age of our Politicians is nearly 60 years old. Sadly, many are rounding the corner of 80 Years old. Certainly, we can agree that there is a call for wisdom. However today that is hidden by ideology and ego. It makes you wonder what they could the possibly be thinking. Politicians, and thoseContinue reading “Old People Keep Regulating”

Vernon Jones

Representative Vernon Jones, A Georgia Democrat, may be the sanest man in the country. He knows the truth about the democratic party, and knows that they must change their party. Vernon Jones also understands people. He has seen racism firsthand, and knows it is ugly. He also knows that the answer is not violence andContinue reading “Vernon Jones”

Tom Arnold Wants to Shoot Me

Tom Arnold came out on Twitter basically Threatening anybody that does not share is opinion. You remember Tom Arnold. You don’t? Sorry. He is a Hollywood B Lister. He grew up in Ottumwa, Iowa. Had a fledgling comedy routine, but did become a writer on Roseanne Barr’s sitcom. After, what some may consider kissing ass,Continue reading “Tom Arnold Wants to Shoot Me”